Strengthening non-profit communities

Is your non-profit organization on the right path to achieving your mission? Non-profits play a critical role in the overall health of our communities, yet these days it's more challenging than ever to be successful and make a lasting difference.

Making meaningful decisions and securing the necessary resources can be equal parts art and science. Mary Gleason can help your organization meet these challenges and reach its potential with personalized consulting and management services tailored to your needs.

Mary has more than 25 years of experience working with non-profits in the Seattle, Bellevue and Pacific Northwest region to provide strategic planning, board development and fundraising support.

She applies her extensive management skills with genuine empathy and understanding, objectivity and humor. Mary's consulting services include helping non-profits:

Clarify values and create a shared vision.

Develop a strategic plan to achieve the mission and vision.

Evaluate the impact of fundraising efforts and make recommendations to achieve fundraising goals.

Attract dedicated volunteers and strong leaders.

Strengthen board development programs and nominating process.

Define board and staff roles and maximize their talents.

Facilitate planning sessions, meetings and retreats.

If you're ready to take your non-profit to the next level, Mary can guide you in developing solutions that are realistic, implementable and sustainable.